Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Will GW Illness VA-programs End ?

Emails unanswers at an empty terminal;
voicemails unanswered at this phone line;
postal mail letters not be picked up/unanswered at the offices below...
why because this job positions is
vacant/unfilled and unassigned.

The department of veterans affairs will be able to ingnore gulf war veterans comments/complaints becuase this two
offices will be vacant.

[1] GWVI-TF Secretary, OSVA,
Department of Veterans Affairs, 810 Vermont Avenue, NW., Washington, DC
20420, at (202) 461-4814.

Col Jeff Peters DOD, is retired, you will not be able to communicated
with this office.

Their website did not have an email Address ???

[2] Director of of Environmental Health Coordinators & Health Clinicians
VA CENTRAL OFFICE WASHINGTON, DC 20420 (810 Vermont Avenue, NW),
Environmental Agents Service at (202) 461-1013 or (202) 461-1014
or send an email to VHACO13Bsha@va.gov

Helen Malaskiewicz is retired currently no one is assigned to replace her.
Vacant VA positions will NOT help Disabled Gulf War Veteran's
regulations, health care or benefits.

abandoned, absentminded, bare, barren, bland, blank,
characterless, clear,
deadpan, deserted, devoid,
empty-headed, empty-minded, empty-pated, empty, expressionless,
fatuous, featureless, fishy, forsaken,
godforsaken, hollow,
idle, impassive, inane, inexpressive, insipid,
null, null and void,
oblivious, open, passive,
spare, stark,
unaware, uncomprehending, unengaged, unexpressive, unfilled,
uninhabited, unmanned, unoccupied, unpeopled, unpopulated,
unstaffed, untaken, untenanted, untended, unused, unutilized,
vacuous, void, without content.

I thank the two above former VA employees for their serve to DVA.



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