Friday, October 29, 2010

Signs and Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in Gulf War Vets

•According to the Veteran's Health Administration, no single, clearly identified diagnosis or type of exposure has emerged that explains the various health problems some veterans of the Gulf War experience. Nevertheless, there are signs and symptoms Gulf War veterans should be aware of that are attributed to chronic fatigue syndrome. These symptoms may be intermittent with no identifiable pattern and can be severe.

Psychological Problems
•Gulf War veterans suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome may experience psychological problems. Symptoms can be unpredictable and may be mild to severe. These include depression, irritability, anxiety disorder and sudden panic attacks. Loss of memory and difficulty with concentration may also occur.

Physical Pain
•Chronic fatigue syndrome is characterized by ongoing pain that has no identifiable cause. This can include severe headaches and pain in the abdomen, jaw or chest. Unexplained muscle pain and sore throat are also noted symptoms.

Sleep Disorders
•Sleep problems can be a sign of chronic fatigue syndrome. These may include an inability to sleep regularly accompanied by chills and night sweats. Often, when sleep occurs, it is not refreshing or deep, and the veteran may wake up feeling exhausted.

Other Symptoms
•Nausea, irregular heartbeat, visual disturbances and physical stiffness are also signs of chronic fatigue syndrome. Unexplained flu-like symptoms, such as sore throat, chronic cough and dry mouth, may occur. These symptoms can result in cognitive dysfunction, bronchitis, asthma, substance abuse and sexual issues. Because there is a relationship between participation in the Gulf War and chronic fatigue syndrome, veterans experiencing symptoms should seek medical help.
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