Sunday, February 13, 2011

How does VA help patient with attention disfunction?

Helping those with Attention Deficit Disorder stay organized

BALTIMORE - One big New Year's Resolution is getting organized. All month long, Good Morning Maryland @ 9, has been showing ways you can get organized.

We understand it is tough enough, but imagine living with Attention Deficit Disorder and organizing can really be challenging.

Wednesday on Good Morning Maryland @ 9, Rose Zappa-Jehnert from Get it 2gether Organizational Services talked about some ways you can stay organized, especially if you suffer from ADD. She should know, she started her business thanks to helping her daughter who has ADD.

To hear and see some of the suggestions Zappa-Jehnert has for you, click on the video box to the left of this article. We have also provided a link to her website to the left for your information.



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