Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Legacy Personnel hindrance for gulf war veterans illnessnes

The Operation Was a Success, But the Patient Died

These Legacy Personnel are candidates for phase-out, upgrade, or replacement.

They had their chance and were Rewarded for failure.

Mark A. Brown, PhD Director, VA office of Environmental Agents Service


Dr. David Chu, Under Secretary of Defense (Personnel and Readiness)
Ellen P. Embrey. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Force Health
Michael E. Kilpatrick, MD, Deputy Director, Force Health Protection and
Readiness Programs ;
Director of Strategic Communications for the Military Health System

These legacy personnel has undermine the effectiveness of the gulf war
health care/benefits by inactivity. See programs which closed.

WE need staff that is Proactive in deed.
We don't need the same old follow the old ways of doing things.
We need innovations!
Gulf war ill vets deserve clarity and fairness in the policies and practices
related Gulf War Health Review.
Abandoning legacy personnel policies now write to
--- VA - Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans