Saturday, October 10, 2009

Gulf Veterans Committe said what ?

if you don't look you would find out how the VA is treating thier gulf war vets who seek care.
Eighteen years after the six-week first Gulf War, maladies still haunt thousands of US and allied service members as well as estimated hundreds of thousands of Iraqi, Kuwaiti and Afghan civilians. A myriad of scientists and government officials insist it is bewildering to pinpoint whether countless chemical and radiological hazards either killed or sickened hundreds of thousands of US service members, allied soldiers and Iraqi, Kuwaiti and Afghan civilians.

Federal health officials have not only denied monetary and health assistance to thousands of veterans, whose illnesses they say cannot be linked to US created wartime hazards, but they have mostly failed to assist the Iraqi, Kuwaiti and Afghan civilian health system. "Our war (the first Gulf War) was the most toxic as far as exposures ever in history,"

"How can parents or the American citizens trust their government or encourage their young to enlist when this history of neglect and denial of gulf war illness is allowed to fester … [the US Department of Veterans Affairs] has not been accountable.


Sunday, October 04, 2009

Neurological Problems Gulf War Veterans Illness

Concentration difficulty
Learning disability
Disorganization, Indecision
I have seen some vets, whose VA medical staff were empathetic,unaccepting of thier patient's complaints. You can find freecare by taking part in s STUDY.. remember even if you are in the control group, when the investigation ends, they patient can getestablished treatment.
About the GWI study at Georgetown University Hospital, DC
Posted by: "murugan Ravindran" muruganravindran

I am a post doctoral fellow working at Georgetown University Hospital, DC and one of the studies we are working on is the Gulf war Illness study and I wanted to check with you all, if any one will be willing to come in andparticipate in our study.
We are looking for Gulf War Illness Veterans and Healthy Veterans, who had been in service during the Gulf war pariod ( Aug 1990 to July 1991).

This will be a study for 6 hrs at Georgetown University Hospital and you would be requested to fill in Questionnaires, routine blood tests, allergy skin tests, muscle strength testing will be performed. If you would like to more details about the study, please feel free to call at 240 491 7667. You can also send an e-mail with questions about the study.
Thanks a lot for your time. Take care.

Dr Murugan K.Ravindran
Post Doctoral fellow
Georgetown University Hospital
3800, Reservoir Road, North West
Washington, DC 20007
work - 202 687 8231
cell - 240 491 7667
cfsresearch@ georgetown. edu