Sunday, March 08, 2009

Yes, I know it 18 yrs post Desert storm yet unusal sympthoms still occur.
Last, week I awoke felling unwell. I start to walk six blocks to my nearest
Outpatient VA clinicunknown to my ferver spied over 100 degees.

Local town police pulled over to inquire on my health condition.
In my wallet I had driver linence and VA ID card.
The officer drive me to the VA clinic.At that moment there was RN,
PA and MD in the building.They determine my fever was 104 and
heart rate was 120.
They were unable to start an IV for me.
Clinic staff could not place me on oxygen either.

So they called the City Ambulance and deterined I was too unstable
to travel 120 miles to closest VA medical centerand I was transported
to local city medical center,where I was an Inpatient for the next 5 days.
I throat was in spam and I was unable to speak for myself.

This is gulf war veterans illness today.
I have a VA rating of over 50 percent.
I would not be surprised that I sent a bill.

I wish to thank the County VA van personnel
for driving me to the VA Medial Center after my discharge
from the Civilian hospital. The driver was a OIF disabled vet.

The VA medical center gave me a new diagnoses of IOP
increased intraocular pressure (IOP) resulting either from a
malformation or malfunction of the eye’s drainage structures.

Having gulf war ilnesss is not knowing what new diagnoses
you will get eariler than the non-military public.

Time is a precious gift. Get started on your goals and priority tasks.
Don't confuse activity with accomplishment.
Here are some thoughts to inspire you to decrease stress and increase
positive productivity and results..
Write down and review your goals daily..
Take small steps before big steps..
Tackle the toughest task first..
Concentrate on the task at hand (job interview, taxes, homework,
customer calls, building your web site, writing your book,
medical appointment, etc.).

Change your routine to avoid boredom..
De-clutter and create the type of atmosphere and order you work best in..
Ask for assistance and accountability.
Delegate some tasks to others..

Identify your time wasters (TV, phone, sleep, social activities, wrong relationships)..
Know your peak performance energy time zone.
For example, if you know you're not an "evening" person,
don't schedule extra activities and make promises during the times
when you have the least energy.

Write to your local vet groups for assistance one of them
will give you help. don't give up.